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Tumor Tissue Repository

ANSA - Tumor Tissue Repository (ANSA-TTR) is the First Brain Tumor Tissue Repository in INDIA and its purpose is to collect and store tumor tissue samples and serum from cancer patients with relevant clinical records, thereby facilitating cancer research. These activities are expected to encourage basic, developmental and translational studies in many areas of cancer research including molecular biology, immunology, genetics and proteomic research as well as biomarker discovery.

In India, barring a few research institutions, there is no such dedicated and systematic effort to store bio-specimens for translational cancer research. Given the huge disease burden as well as the diversity in the Indian population, such a concerted endeavor by ANSA would definitely help in providing valuable source to researchers and scientists working towards finding solutions to treat cancers.

Besides, we are also working towards establishing a network with the existing Tumor Tissue Repositories world-wide.

ANSA is currently focusing on collection and storage of brain tumors. ANSA will follow existing global regulations and also develop global networking with all government and private tumor tissue banks for procedural harmonization and to establish world-class quality control. ANSA Tissue Bank began collecting tissue from neurosurgical operations from April 2010 and has established an organized repository of characterized tissues that have been collected and maintained in a manner useful for a wide range of studies. Copies of each patient's consent to donate their tissue for research are maintained in a secure area of the hospital where these tissues were obtained and a copy is maintained in the Tissue Bank. Clinical data from each case is logged into a secured computer data base. Tissue received into the Tissue Bank is catalogued and referenced by a consecutive numbering system in order to maintain patients' confidentiality.