Recognised Research Center Of Mysore University

Training Programmes

CSRF offers a wide range of courses that enables the individual to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in mesenchymal stem cell culture & characterization as well as histological techniques. The trainees are allowed to explore their scientific interests with up to date scientific manuals and other materials. The courses offered act as a value added benefit to the trainee’s job profile.

We offer the following training modules

7 days basic course on Histotechniques

These courses aims at giving an overview of the design and support of biomedical research using histotechniques, study and interpret diseased tissues in microscopic detail, identification of infectious organisms (Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, Viruses). This module includes Lectures, interactive tools and digitized slide image.

The salient points which will be covered include

  • Basics of Cell Structure and Cell Physiology

  • Basics of Histology- Tissue Types

  • Tissue processing

  • Specimen Accessioning

  • Preparing specimen for Gross Examination

  • Fixation- Types of fixatives, Factors affecting fixation

  • Fixatives - General usage

  • Tissue Processing

  • Sectioning

  • Frozen Sections

One Month Course in applied cell biology techniques

We train students to become general biotechnologists who understand life sciences based on the knowledge of basic biology and biological chemistry. These students will then apply this knowledge to biotechnological challenges by solving problems related to life, organisms and the environment. Various methodologies will be taught that will aid in studying the cell culture and function using the fundamentals of cell biology and the experimental approached to analyze a cell.

The course will focus on

  • Cell culture techniques

  • lmmunophenotype techniques

  • Cell separation methods

  • Microscopy

Six months bio tech industry oriented training

We offer a number of modules with hands-on training to all life science students & Pharmacy on animal cell culture and stem cell culture. To ensure high efficiency and optimum results of this program, we have a state-of-the-art training laboratory, with the necessary instrumentation and facilities.

This course will have the following modules

  • Basic principles of cell cultivation and special features of production processes using animal cells

  • Media and cultivation systems for production (incl. sterilization & single-use systems

  • Quality assurance and contaminations

  • Preparation of cellstacks for cell cultivation

  • Thawing and cultivation of antibody-producing cell lines in different cultivation systems

  • Aseptic transfer of cell culture during the production process (seed train) and aseptic sampling

  • Monitoring cell cultivation (determining cell count, vitality, sterility)