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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mohan Vemuri
  • Dr. Mohan C Vemuri is associated with Thermo Fisher Scientific as Director of R&D, Cell Sciences Solutions.

  • Previously he had been associated with Life Technologies(Invitrogen & Applied Bio systems- Frederick, MD), Reprogenetics - LLC, New York, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson University Research – Philadelphia, Wesleyan University, University of Hyderabad & National Institutes of Health(Bethesda, MD).

  • He has to his credit publications with many journals & has authored a few acknowledged books on Stem Cells. He has led global R&D teams for stem cells, cell therapy and immune therapy. He has also been associated in the R&D of ‘Identification and characterization of DNA repair proteins’.

  • He has been honored with ‘Postdoctoral Fellowship by National Institutes of Health’, Technology Excellence Award by American Society for Reproductive Medicine & for most notable publication for 2013, within Thermo Fisher.

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Dr. B.V Ravi Kumar

DR. B. V. RAVI KUMAR is a Physician-Scientist turned technocrat, who was instrumental in developing XCyton, a revolutionary Molecular Biology Company. He has attained his Ph.D in Neurochemistry from Indian Institute of Science. He worked as a registrar in CMC Vellore and has been trained in Psychiatry at CMC Hospital, Vellore. Dr. Ravi Kumar graduated in medicine from JIPMER, Pondicherry. He has been instrumental in developing a range of molecular biology based products and has successfully launched all the products in the market. Dr. Ravi Kumar's networking abilities have created a huge extended family of collaborators for XCyton. Dr. Ravikumar had a successful stint in Astra Research Centre working in the research fields on M. Tuberculosis and Neurocysticercosis.

Prof. S.K Shankar
  • Prof S. K. Shankar is the Emeritus professor, Neuropatholgy and the principal co-ordinator for the Human brain tissue bio-repository, Neurobiology research Center, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

  • In his previous capacity Prof. Shankar has served as the “Dean, Clinical Neurosciences” and “Di-rector/ Vice Chancellor of NIMHANS”. Prof. Shankar was a visiting scientist - Laboratory of Central Nervous System Disease, NIH, Bethesda and acted as a Senior Scientist, Simmel Weis University, Department of Anatomy, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Prof. Shankar’s special interests are in the fields of Infection of the nervous system with special reference to HIV, pathology of epilepsy, pathology of neurodegenerative diseases, bio banking and brain banking for research in Neuroscience. Prof. Shankar was instrumental in establishing the CJD Registry in India and National referral Center for diagnosis of CJD on brain biopsy. Prof. Shankar serves in the editorial board of a number of research journals and has extensive track record as a doctoral examiner in premier institutions in India.

Dr. Y.S Rajan

Dr. Y. S. Rajan has a proven track record of excellence as a Scientist, Technologist, Administrator, Organisation Builder & Leader, Diplomat, Academic, Writer and Poet. Currently, he holds the designations of Honorary Distinguished Professor - ISRO / Department of Space, Bangalore, Chairman - National Institute of Technology (NIT), Manipur, Vice President - Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing and he acts in the Advisory role and Membership of Apex Boards or Councils for several other Institutions. Dr. Rajan has a unique combination, the ability for original and innovative thinking with strong implementation skills. He has capability to network with multi–disciplinary and multi–cultural groups. He has made key contributions to space research, technology and applications, since 1964, and continues to be an important expert on astronomy. He is also a well recognised authority and thought leader on technology development, business management and society linkages.

Dr. T. S. Balganesh

Dr. Balganesh is trained as a Medical Microbiologist. His doctorate work was on ‘Drug resistance in Vibrio cholerae’ at University of Calcutta. He gained his post-doctoral experience at Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, USA, and Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany. His research experience is mainly in the area of infectious diseases. He led the ‘Diarrheal Diseases’ and ‘Broad-Spectrum anti-bacterial project’ teams at AstraZeneca, Bangalore. He then went on to lead the anti-tuberculosis programme at AstraZeneca, which delivered the compound currently in Phase 2 of clinical development. He was mentoring drug discovery programmes in different Indian National Laboratories under Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India in the capacity of “Distinguished Scientist”. He has 30 publications and 10 patents to his credit.

Dr. Aparna Khanna

Dr. Aparna Khanna obtained her PhD in Life Sciences from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, while working at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India. As a recipient of the Wellcome Trust fellowship, she underwent post-doctoral training at the Institute of Virology, Glasgow in U.K. She has been working in the area of stem cells since 2003. Her group was the first to report the establishment of a characterized human embryonic stem cell line from the Indian sub-continent in 2006. She has several patents and publications to her credit and has also presented at various National and International Conferences. She has been a reviewer of a couple of peer reviewed stem cell research journals and served as Associate editor for “Journal of Stem Cells”. Currently she is co-editor-in-chief of “Biomedical Research Journal”