Recognised Research Center Of Mysore University

Cancer Research

  • ANSA-TTR interest in cancer research relates to basic research to understand the biology of brain tumors.
  • Since the discovery of the cancer Mesenchymal stromal cells and the indisputable proof of existence in the hematopoetic system, research on solid tumors is being pursued to understand if similar phenomenon exists.
  • Gliomas are known to be one of the most aggressive tumors in the brain and relapse after surgery/chemotherapy is frequently seen.
  • Further, the differences in biology and clinical prognosis of glioblastomas suggest that glioblastomas might harbor different tumor entities arising from different cells of origin.
  • The aim is to establish cancer stem cell cultures/lines from various cancers found in brain, primarily glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) from patients. Further, the gene expression profile, cytokine profile and the proteomic profile in these cultures would be analyzed.
  • The proposed research will help us unravel the pathways existing in these cancers and identify novel genes, growth factors and proteins found exclusively in the cancer Mesenchymal stromal cells. This would eventually lead to the development of newer and more effective strategies against this cancer.
  • We also are in the process of screening plant bioactives for their anti-proliferative effect on cancer cell lines in an ongoing collaborative project.