Recognised Research Center Of Mysore University

About Us

ANSA is an innovative R & D center, specializing in advanced research in the areas of Mesenchymal stromal cells and Clinical Research with emphasis on Mesenchymal stromal cells and Cancer research since 2009. Our major areas of interest are: Neurosciences focusing on neuro-regeneration, neuro-oncology, diabetes, cosmetics, and anti-ageing. We also support research on Mesenchymal stromal cells in various therapeutic areas. We undertake contract research projects involving in-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical studies.

ANSA comprises ofteam of professionals, including basic scientists, translational scientists including surgeons and clinicians, and research scholars, spear heading the revolutionary R & D efforts to enhance the quality of life through a holistic approach.

ANSA has created a model platform for researchers, medical professionals, citizens and hospitals, to collaborate, conduct research in order to derive solutions that are imperative to provide relief and sustain life, especially for those beyond surgical interventions.

ANSA is a center of excellence which performs cutting edge research in the field of regenerative medicine. We have excellent track record of performing basic and translational research in regenerative medicine with a specific emphasis in the areas of neuro-degenerative disorders, neuro-oncology, diabetes, cosmetics and anti ageing.  

Our research activities revolve around the most effective tool of regeneration “the mesenchymal Mesenchymal stromal cells”. Our research specialities in this field include but are not limited to:

  • Identify bio-active molecules derived from Mesenchymal stromal cells suitable for regeneration and healing.
  • Identification of the appropriate type of Mesenchymal stromal cells optimized for each medical condition.
  • To develop an indigenous method for large scale expansion of human Mesenchymal stromal cells so as to make it available/affordable to Indian population.
  • Optimization of conditions for product development, process improvement and media standardization.
  • Pre-clinical safety and efficacy testing of MSCs in animal models of disease.
  • Understanding the biology through extensive gene expression/proteomic/cytokine profiling of MSCs derived from various sources.
  • Isolation and derivation of MSCs from innovative sources to understand whether source-specific Mesenchymal stromal cells exist and might contribute to custommade therapies for a particular degenerative disease/disorder.

Our years of research experience made us to establish the first of its kind Tumor tissue repository at ANSA. We focus majorly in the tumors of the nervous system especially the “Glioblastomas”. This vast array of tumor samples in our repository, aids us in performing effective research in the field of neuro-oncology. Our current research focus in cancer research aims at developing a Mesenchymal stromal cells based therapeutic module for the cure/arrest of glioblastomas.